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Lockdown extension

Lockdown extension and a little reminder
Ten days ago the announcement of the Health Minister gave hope that schools could reopen on April 27th.  Questions about the measures that would support it quickly cast some doubts: Should the children be tested prior the reopening? 15 million children? The number speaks for itself: it is simply not feasible. Anyway, what would it change after all when the children go back home every day. 

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For the first 2 weeks after the school closure I have been able to distribute weekly homework packages to the 2 groups of older children. On both Mondays they all came to pick them up from school and In place of breakfast they got some sugar cane from the garden.

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Corona Virus: getting prepared!

IMG 20200317 085936There has not been one day over the past year, when I have not admonished the children several times with the sentence “Don’t put in your mouth”. The pencils we share, their files and whatever comes into their hands almost automatically finds its way to their mouth.

The first routine that was implemented as soon as we moved to the new premises in October was washing hands before starting class. Hush, hush, a quick dip in the water, forgetting the soap or hardly touching it, without supervision it was a quick business.

They also learned since last year to cough into their bent elbow rather than in everyone’s face.

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IMG 20200226 085923

School year in Uganda officially starts in February but we couldn’t wait! The Learning Centre started on January 13th. Meeting some children on the main street of Kibutika in the previous week, all were eager to know when we would start.

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Wonderful donation


We thank the members of the Royal Malta Golfclub for a welcome donation of 500 euro's. Collected this Thursday after the Happy Gilmores competition.

Happy Gilmores is a relatively new section of learner Golfers and welcoming back older members and people who have been off golf for illness or other reasons.

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